BrassMermaid Accessories

Living on the coast of Maine I’m inspired by the colors of the ocean, beaches, forests, and sunsets. It’s absolutely beautiful and a wonderfully calming place to be.

I want to share a piece of that with you through my products.

I began making earrings and accessories because I could never quite find the styles or colors I was looking for. Sometimes I want earrings in a long, swingy, carefree style. Other times I want classy, timeless sophistication. And everything in between!

As I began wearing my creations I received increasing numbers of compliments and suggestions to sell them. I resisted that idea for a long time. But then I thought ‘Why not?’ I enjoy the process of making these items. I love to create things that others will treasure and get joy from using. For about 35 years I’ve crocheted and knitted and crafted many projects that I’ve gifted to family and friends, sold in shops, or raffled off.

The happiness that goes into making each piece travels with it, and is a small part of me that I gladly send to you. 

In my small shop you will find many styles of earrings, a lovely Seaside Scarf in various colors, tiny treasure bags, and nautical-themed ornaments that can be used on your Christmas tree or anywhere you wish to have a bit of nautical charm. I wear (or use) the prototypes of these creations to test the quality and happiness factor before I assemble the products to share with you. I want to make sure it will hold up over time with regular use and proper care.

I’m always creating new designs and products so stop by and check it out. You may find a  treat for yourself or a wonderful gift for a loved one. The link below will open a new tab for you. Browse & Enjoy! 👩🏻‍💻

BrassMermaid Accessories

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