December 2020

2020 is drawing to a close. I think we’re all breathing a sigh of relief and looking forward to the healing that 2021 will bring. Healing for our bodies from Covid & healing for our hearts from all the stresses and traumas of 2020.

We have been distancing, quarantining, masking, washing, losing our jobs, our incomes, and our minds. We have been forced to spend significant amounts of time alone. Naturally we have drawn inward upon ourselves. While some have taken this enforced alone time to work on themselves in various ways, others have struggled mightily from the lack of contact we have taken for granted all of our lives.

Perhaps now is the perfect time to reflect on the year as it passes into history.

As we reflect on what went wrong, what went okay, and what actually may have gone right, this is also a good time to contemplate what we want our new year to be like. I’m thinking about our relationships with each other. This past year, as we hunkered down and tried to stock up on products, we were forced to be apart. Our focus turned to our earthly needs and material things. It was tough not being able to greet and hug everyone, so we poured our energy into these physical things instead of each other.

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. With vaccines arriving and many folks doing their best to stop the spread by masking, washing, distancing— we’ll get through. Now that we know the light is coming closer perhaps we should turn our thoughts to how we are going to behave when we can more freely interact again. How will we treat each other? How will we treat strangers?

What have we learned?

Really stop and think about this. What have you learned? About yourself? About others? About how you want your life to be from here on out? About how you want our world to be?

What changes would you like to see people making? And the most important question of all: what changes will you make?

As for me, I will be kinder. I will listen more and try hard to see things from other’s perspective. I will try to be more understanding and generous. Generous with time, with help, with comfort and with love. After all, I believe we are all here on earth to learn to love each other as Jesus loves us– unconditionally.

Burst into 2021 with renewed hope. Don’t tiptoe in fearfully, looking over your shoulder. Only by taking action will we make the changes we wish to see in our world. Join me is spreading love and understanding all throughout 2021. Let’s make it a year of healing. 💕