Showcase: Seaside Scarf

Originally I made one of these just for me. I received so many compliments that I decided you might like one too. So I began making them for my shop.

I named it the Seaside Scarf because of the net-like pattern & the nautical bits I’ve attached to it. Shells, wooden beads, golden swirls, anchors, seahorses, sand dollars, lovely blue drops that look like splashes of water…. you get the idea.


These are gorgeous and can be worn several ways. I like to wear mine with the V-shape in the front. You can also double it over and loop the ends through. Or perhaps you’d like the V-shaped portion to hang behind you and have the ends loosely twisted in the front if you are, say…. at a more formal event or walking about sightseeing.

I have these scarves in four colors right now: marine heather, navy, sandy brown, and light blue. Each color has it’s own personality. Come to the website to see more photos! Click the link below and have fun browsing. 👩🏻‍💻

BrassMermaid Accessories

Showcase: Waterfall Earrings

Is there anything better than being near water? Ocean waves breaking on the beach, the thunderous sound of a waterfall, or a burbling brook, they all bring peace and contentment.

If you haven’t figured it out yet I love water. The sound, smell, and feel of it. The glitter of sunlight sparkling on the surface… Is there a better gift in the world that we have been given?

These are the images I had in mind when I created the Waterfall earrings. I could envision the water dancing over the rocks of a stream and splashing upward in joy. I could hear it laughing as it rushed by. The stream I refer to is one I had fished with my husband last spring. I never had a bite and after a while I reeled in the line and laid the pole aside so I could just sit and listen to the water. He wandered downstream while I stayed on my boulder and absorbed the sound of the giggling water, the smells of the forest, and the warmth of the sun on my face. It was glorious.


Thinking back on that day I used the aqua blue glass beads and golden whorls to represent the water actions. The droplets splashing and catching the sunlight as it cascaded over the rocks and the circular motions of the eddies in the protected areas. These earrings are gorgeous and glow when they catch the light. I only wish that I could see them as I wear them! But I know they’re happily swinging from my earlobes and catching people’s attention.

Most of my selection of earrings have leverbacks. I’m terrible at keeping ear wires from falling out of my ear and have lost many well-loved earrings in years past. I do make some with ear wires because they lend a certain look to some designs. I recommend using the little rubber stoppers on the backs of the wires to help prevent loss. But if you want either type— leverback or ear wire— I’m happy to accommodate. Drop a note in your order at the link below. Happy browsing! 👩🏻‍💻

BrassMermaid Accessories


BrassMermaid Accessories

Living on the coast of Maine I’m inspired by the colors of the ocean, beaches, forests, and sunsets. It’s absolutely beautiful and a wonderfully calming place to be.

I want to share a piece of that with you through my products.

I began making earrings and accessories because I could never quite find the styles or colors I was looking for. Sometimes I want earrings in a long, swingy, carefree style. Other times I want classy, timeless sophistication. And everything in between!

As I began wearing my creations I received increasing numbers of compliments and suggestions to sell them. I resisted that idea for a long time. But then I thought ‘Why not?’ I enjoy the process of making these items. I love to create things that others will treasure and get joy from using. For about 35 years I’ve crocheted and knitted and crafted many projects that I’ve gifted to family and friends, sold in shops, or raffled off.

The happiness that goes into making each piece travels with it, and is a small part of me that I gladly send to you. 

In my small shop you will find many styles of earrings, a lovely Seaside Scarf in various colors, tiny treasure bags, and nautical-themed ornaments that can be used on your Christmas tree or anywhere you wish to have a bit of nautical charm. I wear (or use) the prototypes of these creations to test the quality and happiness factor before I assemble the products to share with you. I want to make sure it will hold up over time with regular use and proper care.

I’m always creating new designs and products so stop by and check it out. You may find a  treat for yourself or a wonderful gift for a loved one. The link below will open a new tab for you. Browse & Enjoy! 👩🏻‍💻

BrassMermaid Accessories


It’s always been cold and unfriendly to me. Well, maybe not always. I remember snow-blown days of youth, several layers of clothes, two or three pairs of Gram’s hand-knit mittens, and a hand-knit hat pulled low to the eyebrows. Walking through the neighborhood with the snow swirling all around. Or sliding down the hill next to the house, stopping just short of the road where the snow was plowed up high. There was a steep incline on the other side of the house that was perfect for jumping off into mid-air and turning a flip, before landing with a poof in a deep snowdrift. A brief moment of weightless adrenaline. Then laying there for another snapshot in time, flat on my back, arms spread wide to the overcast sky, grinning. Floundering out of the soft snow, climbing back up to do it again. Sweet youth.

Ice cakes formed in the harbor and piled up on the shore. Huge, enticing, translucent light-filled aqua. A mystery that needed to be explored, but was forbidden. The heart pounding fear of sliding off of one into the smoking-cold sea kept us at bay. It meant instant death. Looking and imagining was all we needed. Winters were much colder then than they are now. Those big ice cakes no longer pile up on the shore, just small ones that are gone within a few days. Smoke on the water happens only briefly each season now. I remember long winters of a smoky harbor and ice cakes that formed in the water halfway to Greenings Island. My Mum shared memories of when the harbor froze solid and the men used to drive their trucks on it all the way across. It’s scary to think of as we struggle with climate change and all the changes that are coming with it.

Now for many years, winter means unbearable cold and stiffness in my body. Cold that touches my hands brings instant pain. My feet, layered in wool socks and heavy boots, still get cold quickly and have even more intense pain. When I was a young woman I would stick my bare foot out the front door into the first new snowfall, and take a picture of it, pink toenails on the white background. These days I shy away from the outside in winter and at the same time, remember the exuberance of youth and know that I’m missing so much. I push my limits with the technology of “hot hands” and “toasty toes” warmers that fit into gloves and stick to the bottoms of socks. But it isn’t enough. The wind pushes needles of cold through the fabric of my clothes, and down my neck. How does it do that when I’m wrapped so well, with so many layers?

This pain from cold brings its own blessings as it makes me realize all of the relationships around it. I appreciate the wood fire more, the shelter of the ice shack when fishing, the warmth of rum and good friends after a long snowmobile ride. I look at snapshots of us on the trail, smiling in the scenery, and can smell the fresh cold air. I wonder how many hundreds of pairs of wool mittens Gram made; her love for children woven into each stitch.

I still enjoy the quiet and solitude of a walk in the woods amid fresh and falling snow, surrounded by silence and steaming breath. Seeing fresh animal tracks in the snow and wondering how far ahead of me it is. I love the wonder that God gives us with the pure whiteness swirling around, falling from a grey and white sky, or the sun glistening on the new snow in blinding exquisiteness. 

You see, even pain brings a new perception if you look for God around the edges. I’ve found that He has always wrapped my pain with blessings, when I’ve taken the time to look.   👩🏻‍💻

If You Could Turn Back Time…

Take a moment to step back and view your life so far. Do you like what you see?

(This post is a conversation that I have been having with myself recently. I’m letting you in on it because I know that everyone has moments in their life when they reassess where they are, how far they’ve come, and where they want to go looking forward. If my self-talk helps you in any way then I’m happy– for you & for me.)

If you could go back to any point on your life’s timeline, knowing everything you know now, where would you land? What would you change?

Think about this for a few minutes.

  1. You’ve collected a vast amount of knowledge and experience during your time here on earth.
  2. You have a lot of ideas about how you want your life to be.
  3. You have weathered disappointments along the way or have given up some of your dreams.

Now think about where you are in the scheme of it all. Okay? Ready?

You still have a lot of good living to do. Don’t abandon your visions for your future. They are not the same dreams you had earlier in life and that’s to be expected. Your dreams and visions evolve with you as you walk through life. Looking at the rest of your life…..

    What do you want it to be like?
    How have your dreams/visions evolved?
    What steps can you take to guide it in that direction? Small steps are an excellent beginning & very motivational.
    What mistakes have you made, learned from, and don’t want to repeat?

I actually sat down and made a list of things from the past that I wish I could go back and change, or knowledge that I wish I had possessed. It was a wide-ranging list that included relationship-related things, monetary knowledge, career paths, activities that bring me happiness, health considerations, etc.

I spent a brief moment of time mourning those things that I wished had been different. Ultimately all my experiences have made me who I am though, and recognizing that made the slight sadness evaporate.

Begin taking those steps that will make your visions come alive. Live the life you see in your minds’ eye as closely as you can. 👩🏻‍💻