Kindness Confetti

I saw a roadside sign that read, “throw kindness around like confetti.”  It made me think about how I usually do try to be kind to others and lift them up, but also it made me realize how truly tired I am emotionally lately. And admittedly I have not been as nice and uplifting as I can be. Do you have days like this? I have been turning inward and pushing people away.  Perhaps my own emotional needs aren’t being met, or what should be little stresses are growing into big stresses, or any number of other things.  I can’t throw that kindness confetti around if I don’t feel good inside. 

I realized long ago that no one is responsible for my happiness but me. However, I tend to forget this and look to others in an attempt to fill my happiness quotient.  I really need to stop doing this. (Of course its nice when it happens, but we should never expect it to be the norm.)

 So I had to sit down with my thoughts and refocus myself. What makes me happy? What makes me smile and want to share that brightness with some else? 

It occurred to me that I’m really overdue for a vacation. And I truthfully cannot remember ever having a week off in the summer, when I’ve always really wanted one. Usually I use up my vacation days to make long weekends here and there. So I’ve scheduled a week off, and you know, just being able to see that bright spot at the end of the tunnel gives me a lift.  An enjoyment to look forward to.  Just the planning of it has given me a bit of confetti to throw around. I know it’s coming. It’s amazing how just that thought and the lift it gives me can create enough good in my soul that I want to spread it around.  What does that for you? 

Is there one thing you do each day that gives you a lift? I’ve often found that even when I feel depleted I get a little emotional boost just by being friendly and kind to someone. It might be an action as small as holding a door open or giving a compliment. 

If you could take a picture of kindness, what would it look like? Would it be a shot of people helping each other? A rescue shot? People helping animals? Planting trees? Putting money in a donation bucket? What does kindness mean in your world? 

Here’s a challenge for you: take a picture of kindness in action and then really study it. Look at all the tiny details. Body language, surroundings, reaction of anyone else who might be observing if they are in the photo. How does it make you feel? Does it inspire you to spread kindness? If so, what will you try to do? 

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