Spring Planting Catalogues are Arriving!!

The first spring planting catalog has arrived! My excitement knows no bounds! Even though we are in the frigid twenties today with wind gusts that are blowing the birdseed out of the feeders, I am thinking about various landscaping projects around the yard.

I can almost smell the soil as I envision digging into it to set sapling trees into their new home. The feel of the rich dirt compacting and filling the space under my fingernails is divine. I’m anticipating the potential of lush plants, ripe vegetables, fragrant flowers and their vibrant colors.  I’m feeling the sun warming my back as I bend over to fix the seedlings into the soil. Outside the wind is still trying to blow the roof off the house while I’m cozy and snug, dreaming of spring.

This year I really need to find some trees that grow quickly and also that the deer won’t eat. A hard task around here. I love watching the deer when they come into the yard, but I don’t need them to trim the privacy trees. Another aim of mine is to plant berry bushes. Maybe high-bush blueberries and a bank of raspberries.

We do like our jams that I put up each season. It would be pretty neat to grow some of the berries right here. Although, taking the 8 mile atv ride to our secret blackberry place will always happen! It’s a very enjoyable ride in the fresh northern Maine air and wonderful wooded scenery. You never know what you might see for wildlife along the trail.

Patience has never been one of my virtues. Spring cannot arrive soon enough. Until it does, I’ll continue perusing the catalogues as they arrive and plotting new plantings.

Do you have a favorite flower? Perhaps a favorite vegetable that you look forward to picking each year? Do you preserve your harvest? I’m always looking for ideas so please share with me in the comments.


  1. carolee · February 17, 2019

    I love growing mini melons and shallots, although I’m pretty willing to grow anything. Love all the flowers, so too difficult to pick a favorite. And yes, I preserve EVERYTHING that we don’t eat fresh…waste not, want not. Deer are abundant here as well, and they prune all my berry bushes, but so far have not jumped the fence into the potager.


  2. BrassMermaid · February 17, 2019

    Mini melons sound wonderful. What kind do you grow? Do you let them vine along the ground or up a trellis? I’m not fond of melons but my family likes them. I think mini varieties might be just the thing we should try! Isn’t it wonderful in the middle of winter to open that preserved food? Not only do you get to enjoy that summer harvest flavor, but you get the memories of growing it and putting it up for winter. A double win in my book. 👩🏻‍💻


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